"The jewelry with which we choose to embellish ourselves speaks volumes. To embrace a Parrish Relics piece is to gravitate toward meaning and sentiment, reflecting our most innermost feelings, special memories, or symbols that resonate within us." ~ Stephanie Graham Piña for the Pre-Raphaelite Issue of Enchanted Living Magazine 

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meet the maker ~ jen parrish-hill

Parrish Relics is a dream come true for me ~ creating wearable shrines that speak of Mythic Symbolism, Nature, Folklore & Gothic Architecture. I hope that they go on to tell the wearer's own story of the things that they love & cherish, personal talismans. I have been passionate about adornment as far back as I can remember. As a child I was mesmerized by the Egyptian wing of our local Museum, and a special exhibition on Pompeii when I was nine made a particular impression on me. Frozen in time. Weathered beauty. 

sanctus natura.

"THE GROVES were God's first temples." 

#WilliamCullenBryant #AForestHymn

look to the sky...
look to the sky...

lapin, renaud, et fleur amulet.

a talisman of kindness

10% of every sale of the lapin, renard et fleur amulet will be donated to the Fur Free Alliance for #givingback  

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"Jen Parrish-Hill lives in accordance with Ruskin's advice, going to nature in all singleness of heart. Her home, Frog Hollow, sits nestled within a lush green forest where her particular brand of alchemy is conjured and spells are woven, creating Parrish Relics, jewelry that speaks to the soul." ~ Stephanie Graham Piña for the Pre-Raphaelite Issue of Enchanted Living Magazine