So much help is needed in the world that it motivates me to work through sadness, enabling my ability to donate & feel proactive rather than submit to hopelessness.

Seeking out the many people & organizations who are working towards equality for all, advocating for animals & saving our fragile Earth brings light to darkness. ("Look for the Helpers", as Mr. Rogers famously said.) 

A percentage of sales from each of the new collection  amulets in additon to the one of a kind amulets featured in the Goblin Market will be donated to those who work to make the world a better place. Select an Amulet below for more information and links to each non-profit, charity or sanctuary that they help. 

For more info & actions please visit #TheHelpers

sanctus natura collection.

the constellations earring collection.

one of a kind #givingback amulets

 Many thanks to all who purchase from me, couldn't donate to these great causes without your help! Scroll and click on an image below to learn about each one of a kind Amulet and their associated non-profit, charity or sanctuary.