• Where can I purchase your work?
  1. Here on the website! New collections are found on the main page when available. (Sign up for email alerts below to find out about the next one!)
  2. Tate Britain for the Burne-Jones Exhibition! (Now Sold Out!) More about the collection here.
  3. I also sell at a few local craft fairs, mainly here in beautiful Western Massachusetts. These will be listed on the front page when planned. 
  4. Visit the Parrish Relics studio at Frog Hollow, along with over twenty other rural Artists on the Hilltown Open Studio Tour. Check back for details on our third year event in 2020!

  • Do you accept custom orders?


Unfortunately I am unable to create custom orders or take commissions at this time. Will announce it here and on social media if that changes in the future.

  • Are you still making Anne Boleyn / Ugly Betty Necklaces?
Not as a custom order, but I do feel like revisiting them every once in a while so you never know when one may pop up in a collection! 
    • How often do you update the website with new collections?
    New collections are released once or twice a month here, so keep visiting!

    • Can I reserve an Amulet in the upcoming collection?
    Sadly for the sake of fairness I cannot take reservations ~ they all go live at once to try and give everyone a chance. 

    • Your collection is sold out. Any tips for next time?
    1. They can go fast so it is best to create a customer account first: "sign in".
    2. Have a look at photos on Facebook or Flickr to preview the collection before they go live.
    3. Once they are listed at the time announced here on the website ~ find the one that you wish to purchase, "add to cart" and try to get through the process as fast as possible. If someone completes the transaction faster, it may be removed from your cart. 
    I'm so sorry this is a stressful thing for many people! So very grateful that what I create is so in demand, and feel extremely fortunate to be in this position. Wishing I could work faster, be more productive! I know it is hard to be present at the computer when they are released depending on time zone or where you are when it happens. Working on ways to help, may add an auction option in the future but still currently researching. In the meantime, I'll keep making more until everyone gets something they hopefully love.

    • Do you sell Wholesale?
    At the moment it is hard for me to keep up with creating work for sale here, but if you have a store or Museum Gift Shop that would like to carry Parrish Relics, please contact me just in case!

    • Any interest in teaching?
    I am always flattered that people want me to teach, but being terribly shy and feeling like my work is a personal part of who I am it doesn't appeal to me.

    •  What is your creation process?
    The story of Amulets: the About page.