Medieval Incunabula Amulets

Incunabula Triple Arch & Moonstone Clover Cross Amulet

Time Captured Forever Under Glass 
A collection of jewelry created by Jen Parrish-Hill with true Medieval book fragments.
Medieval text under textured, hand cut glass is the centerpiece of this one of a kind pendant. Highly detailed clay triple arch frame, painted with an Italian red accented antiqued gold finish. Pendant is @ 1 1/4 inches wide, @ 1 3/4 inches long including moonstone clover cross.

This necklace is made up of smoky faceted glass, moonstone and antiqued filligree beads, measuring @ 17 inches long. (length can be adjusted upon request when purchased ~ extender chain is added at no charge, but beadwork may be additional).)

Will arrive with a scroll copy of the following information:

Authenticated and Described by Michael Laird Rare Books LLC
Contained herein is a fragment of an actual medieval book -- not a reproduction! -- printed in the fifteenth-century.
The present leaf comes from the "Summa Praedicantium" (or "Greatest Proclamation") written by the distinguished Dominican Theologian John Bromyard (d. 1390), of Oxford. The printer was Johann Amerbach (ca. 1440-1513) who was the foremost printer in Basel, Switzerland, at that time. This particular edition is not dated, but bibliographers are confident that it was printed before 1484. The paper size of the original leaf measured approximately 365 x 255 mm, and consisted of 53 lines of gothic type, printed in two columns of Latin text. Books that were printed before 1501 are described as "incunabula" (or "incunables") by bibliographers. For fanatics, here are the bibliographical references to this "incunable" edition: Hain 3993; Oates 2794; Proctor 7615; BMC III 747; ISTC ij00260000; Goff J-260 (locating copies in the United States at Bryn Mawr, Cornell, Harvard, Huntington Library, Library of Congress, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. North Carolina, St. Bonaventure University, Union Theological Seminary, and Yale).

Parrish Relics are one of a kind and handmade in my one-woman jewelry studio at Frog Hollow. Time and care is spent collecting tiny images that I find inspiring and captivating ~ Clay frames are formed around glass to pay tribute to the beautiful artwork they celebrate! Alchemically hand painted to match the metal components in the chains and findings, they become unique adornments that start conversations and are joyful to wear.

All Amulets are shipped out to you beautifully gift packaged in an organza drawstring bag, along with a care sheet and my favorite mossy tissue paper.