Fox & Rooster Fable ~ Pictorial Shrine Amulet

A charming woodcut of a fox & rooster (see fable below) is the centerpiece of this one of a kind necklace.
Found image under a glass cabochon, within a clay frame that is hand painted in an antiqued silver finish. Pendant is adorned with a jet glass flower.

Pendant is @ 7/8 of an inch wide, @ 1 7/8 inches long including crosslet.

Necklace of elegantly draping chain from two fluorite chip beads ~ measuring @ 18 inches long but can be worn shorter. (length can be adjusted upon request when purchased.)
Parrish Relics are one of a kind and handmade in my one-woman (& two helpful cats) jewelry studio atFrog Hollow. Time and care is spent collecting tiny images that I find inspiring and captivating ~
Clay frames are formed around glass to pay tribute to the beautiful artwork they celebrate! Alchemically hand painted to match the metal components in the chains and findings, they become unique adornments that start conversations and are joyful to wear.
All orders are sent beautifully gift packaged in stamped recycled pillow boxes or organza bags, along with a care sheet and my favorite mossy tissue paper.
On a tree there mounted guard
A veteran cock, adroit and cunning;
When to the roots a fox up running,
Spoke thus, in tones of kind regard:
"Our quarrel, brother, is at an end;
Henceforth I hope to live your friend;
For peace now reigns
Throughout the animal domains.
I bear the news: come down, I pray,
And give me the embrace fraternal;
And please, my brother, don't delay.
So much the tidings do concern all,
That I must spread them far today.
Now you and yours can take your walks
Without a fear or thought of hawks.
And should you clash with them or others,
In us you'll find the best of brothers;—
For which you may, this joyful night,
Your merry bonfires light.
But, first, let's seal the bliss
With one fraternal kiss."
"Good friend," the cock replied, "on my word,
A better thing I never heard;
And doubly I rejoice
To hear it from your voice;
And, really there must be something in it,
For yonder come two greyhounds, which I flatter
Myself are couriers on this very matter.
They come so fast, they'll be here in a minute.
I'll down, and all of us will seal the blessing
With general kissing and caressing."
"Adieu," said fox; "my errand's pressing;
I'll hurry on my way,
And we'll rejoice some other day."
So off the fellow scampered, quick and light,
To gain the fox-holes of a neighbouring height,
Less happy in his stratagem than flight.
The cock laughed sweetly in his sleeve;
It's doubly sweet deceiver to deceive.

~Jean de La Fontaine
(Book 2, Fable 15)

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amulet necklace option details

 Irish Waxed Linen Antiqued Silver Clasp

Strong black 4ply rustic cording in Irish waxed linen, knotted on hook clasps with beaded tassel detail in antiqued silver @18 inches. 7 ply and other colors/lengths available, contact me for details!


Antiqued Sterling Silver Chain

Flattened oval & three connector sterling silver chain with lobster claw clasp @18 inches. This chain can be worn shorter by clipping on an oval loop anywhere on the necklace. Other antiqued sterling silver chain options/lengths available, contact me for details!

Antiqued Bronze / Brass Chain

Antiqued plated brass oval and figure eight with lobster claw clasp @18 inches. This chain can be worn shorter by clipping on an oval loop anywhere on the necklace. Other brass/bronze chain options/lengths available, contact me for details!

Irish Waxed Linen Antiqued Bronze / Brass Clasp

Strong black 4 ply rustic cording in Irish waxed linen, knotted on hook clasps with beaded tassel detail in antiqued bronze @18 inches. 7 ply and other colors/lengths available, contact me for details!